Silver Braces

Benefits of Silver Braces

While there are many different and new options for braces these days, many people still go back to the basics with the original silver braces. These are made mostly of stainless steel because of how strong the metal is. It can withstand the extreme pressures and extreme conditions of moving teeth. Each bracket is attached to the teeth using a safe, orthodontic adhesive to prevent them from being shifted or chipped. Silver braces have a very low rate of damage because of how durable the stainless-steel brackets are. Their sturdiness is a main reason why these are the most commonly used type of braces in orthodontic treatment.

Personalize Your Braces

There are different variations of these silver braces as well but we offer the traditional set with edges on each bracket that allow for an elastic tie to hold the wire in place across the row of teeth. Even though silver braces are the traditional option for braces, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still express yourself and personalize your braces. Different colored elastic ties can be added to brighten up your smile and change up the silver look of the braces. They can also use sliding door and gate technology to hold the arch-wire in place on your teeth if you don’t want any elastic ties in your mouth.

Being the most affordable braces plan, traditional silver braces can be a great option for you. They provide the most efficient treatment and are the best way to overcome your most severe orthodontic needs.